Food Anyone?


“High Heels” by Robin Young

Well, we all get hungry and we all must eat. So here are a few food photos that I have taken and foods that I have made lately. Most of the recipes are available at Boise Foodie Guild, another blog that we keep. Enjoy these photos. Cheers!

Waffle Benedict

Chicken Egg Rolls

AF (Air Fryer) Meatloaf, Carrots and Cabbage

AF Ahi Tuna Steak, Asparagus and Pine Nuts and Green Salad

Sea Scallops on Watercress Bed

AF Rib Eye with Sautéed Mushrooms

Louisiana Gumbo

New Site URL – Same Ole’ Site!

The Butterfly

Please Note: I have changed the URL of this site to Using the “old” url will still get you here, but you might want to think about logging in the newer address. Thanks. And to start with some new photos – here is my suggestion.

Porch Bee

Squirrel eating peanut butter

Moon over Boise

Beautiful Snake River AVA, Idaho



The fall colors – almost winter – and the vibrancy of the fall sunlight, make the AVA shine!

From Parma Ridge Winery and Spirits in Parm, Idaho.

From Parma Ridge Winery and Spirits in Parma, Idaho.

From Indian Creek Winery in Kuna, ID.

From Indian Creek Winery in Kuna, ID.

“Patiently Waiting”



As I was preparing the Thanksgiving dinner, Buddy, an American Eskie, was keeping a keen watch on me to see if he could help me clean up any spills that might occur. He was waiting in his “cave”. Robin caught the mood in this “Moment in Time”.

"Patiently Waiting"

Patiently Waiting