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I have always enjoyed the art of photography. Ever since my first camera that my Dad bought me in 1955. It was an Agfa and it took some pretty good photos. It was a simple camera, compared to today’s DSLR’s. I had to set the f-stop and the distances and the focus. A great learning tool.

Today I use Nikon equipment and lenses. I have a D40x and a D3000 body. 55-200 mm, 100-300mm and a 300 – 500 mm lens. Plus the standard 25 – 55 lens. I am happy with all of them. For processing I use Corel’s PaintShop Pro X5 and for HDR processing I use Photomatix. If you Left-Click any of these photos, you will be able to see an enlarged photo. Please respect the folks who submit photos for posting and Ask For Permission before using or posting at other places. Also, please “Follow” us on this blog to receive up-dates.  Do enjoy these photos. Cheers!

The photo above, is one I took of an evening sunset during the fire season here in Idaho. Smokey skies do strange things to a photo.

Bob Young
Blog Owner and Writer

6 thoughts on “About and Contact”

  1. Hi Bob my name Is name Jamie I met you friday night at the horse show and u took sum pics of the kids was just wanting to see them please let me know how I can do that thanku


  2. Stuart Robinson said:

    I have found a photo you took of Broadway going into Boise. The State Capital in the background, I would like to use this on my web site. How do I go about your approval.


  3. Ken Miracle said:

    Hi Bob …. thanks for the invite to check out your blog. Good to meet you in person today.


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